Greetings and An Update


Gosh…its been well over a year since I last posted…

You can now follow me on Twitter @CindyTrainque but unfortunately, I have no idea how to link this with that…hence I do not post often here.

I have also just had published a series of 8 essays entitled Eight Things To Love About the Catholic Church found here:

NOTE:  The essays are archived in reverse order…Scroll down to the bottom to the one called Our Bishops, Our Church and then read them going up to read them in order.  I refer back to previous essays in a few of them.

I have now been asked to write an article for Catholic Exchange on my favorite saint, Catherine of Siena…can’t wait to get into it.

So…off to find someone to help me to do a better job with this site.  Thanks for your patience!

In His Peace,



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Third Order Carmelite; lover of the Church; defender of the Faith.
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