So….what do these popular TV shows — Law & Order and Criminal Minds — have to do with a Catholic blog? They are my favorite shows for a reason. I love the entire lineup of Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Intent, L.A.; U.K. Have you noticed? NOT ONE of the characters on any of these shows ever needs to end up in bed with a co-worker, a victim or even a date. Not one of them — zip, zilch nada. There is no sexual tension or any innuendo; nothing implied. The 2011-2012 episodes are even bleeping out swears and the raunchier sexual references.

As a Catholic this is how I like my TV shows. Characters do not need to be in bed or involved sexually in order to be a good cop or investigator. It doesn’t take away from their role. Even Dr. George Huang, the psychiatrist on SVU admitted once to being gay – but it is not something he flaunts or even expresses. The “news” came out only once in one episode. Period. This proves that shows of this caliber can indeed be extremely popular without sex. How else can there be an original show — Law & Order – that lasts for so long and end up with a record four spin-offs?

The same goes for Criminal Minds. A real psychological thriller with real good acting…that’s the way I like my TV. Congratulations to NBC for being able to show quality TV without needing the sexual exploits of their characters. Congratulations, too, to the writers and producers. I’d love to nominate them for a good Catholic version of the Emmy’s. Special thanks to actress Mariska Hargitay who portrays Detective Olivia Benson on Law & Order SVU. Thank-you for neither degrading yourself or the role of women on TV! You are quite the blessing for the many who long for good acting with a strong female in a lead role without needing to be in bed in order to crack the case or to keep your job as a detective!

Now let’s see what Hollywood can do with other shows.


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