The Need for Daily Eucharist

Let’s face it…life at times (ok…far more than we care to admit!) is a long, arduous journey — a real desert experience!  With all of its ups and downs, I find that I need frequent nourishment.  No doubt the Word of God feeds and sustains me — as well as the Beauty of His creation.  However, because the Liturgy/Mass offers the very Presence of Jesus in His most intimate way, I find that receiving Him daily in His Eucharist gives me the sustenance that I need.  For those days when I cannot get to daily Mass — and that’s rather often — I create my own 5-10 minutes of sacredness and partake of Spiritual Communion.  Here I have attached the link for you to follow so that you can join me — and spread the devotion — to this great Feast of Food of all foods.  As the late Dorothy Day once said, “I can endure anything between two (receptions) of the Eucharist”.

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