Question: Why do we need to search for God?

It’s never about our search for God — but about his search for us. He always takes the initiative and pursues us. He never imposes himself on us, however. When God finds us, it means that he has found us to be open to receive all the good that he greatly desires to bestow upon us — grace. When we are “lost”, it simply means that God’s grace has not been allowed within us due to our free will to say no to him if we so choose.

And since there is only one way for God to come to/find us — through Jesus — then the Catholic Church is where we must be for only the Catholic Church was founded by Jesus and provides many means of grace for us — particularly by the Sacraments and most especially in the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. The Catholic Church is by far the best means for getting to heaven. It is also a hospital for sinners, according to my favorite author (apologist and philosopher), Peter Kreeft. It is a place for sinners like me…the very ones that Jesus came to seek.

An FYI:  I’ve been writing and submitting answers about God and Catholicism on Yahoo Answers as “The Carmelite” for 3 years.  Over time I will be reprinting those questions and answers here on the blog in between regular posts.

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